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High Traffic Facilities

At Spotless, we know that every facility is different and each has very specific needs. Our professional staff has a great deal of experience in cleaning all types of High Traffic Facilities, from Indoor Malls to Educational Facilities to Airports.

Services offered include complete cleaning contracts to floor maintenance, restroom sanitizing, and maintenance of food court areas etc. We can build a custom program for you

Safety training for these facilities varies widely but typically includes identifying hazardous safety violations and reporting suspicious activities to appropriate authorities. All Spotless employees must pass extensive back ground checks, no matter what type of facility they are working in. With High Traffic Facilities it is even more critical that employees meet an even higher standard.

Knowing that Spotless takes the safety and security of both their properties as well as their occupants as seriously as we do, gives our clients the assurance and confidence needed to trust us with their facilities.

High Traffic Facility maintenance includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Remove debris from landscape pots and planters
  • Sweep and clean entrances
  • Clean and remove smudges from entry door glass
  • Clean and polish entry handles, sills, doorplates and metal rim
  • Dust and clean baseboards, ledges and exit signs
  • Clean glass, wood or metal doors, and doorjambs
  • Empty ashtrays and clean sand urns, fill sand as needed
  • Clean and sanitize water fountains
  • Spot clean and vacuum carpets
  • Sweep, dust mop and damp mop floors
  • Complete floor care, including stripping, sealing, waxing and burnishing
  • Report burned out lights to management and replace as needed
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitization
  • Secure all doors and turn off appropriate lights upon completion of work

Services provided may differ by customer requirements and contract. At Spotless Building Services our goal is to be completely flexible to the customer and the building's needs. This being the case, we can customize any and all services to meet your specific requirements. Custom services are always available upon request.

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