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10.5 Reasons Why We Should Be Your Cleaning Contractor

Knowing that Spotless takes the safety and security of both their properties as well as their occupants as seriously as we do, gives our clients the assurance and confidence needed to trust us with their facilities.

1. Comprehensive Maintenance

We provide a wide range of services to fit your needs, including general cleaning and floor care.

2. Cost Effectiveness

We can reduce expensive cost items through control procedures and training.

3. Quality Assurance

Constant attention to the conditions and the scheduled events is supplemented by management review and audit.

4. Equipment Management

Because of the labor intensiveness of our profession, we invest heavily in the most productive equipment available.

5. Supply Management

Our experienced managers know the right product to use and the proper source.

6. Administrative Services

Time is a precious commodity. We relieve you of considerable supervisory duties so that your other duties may be better met.

7. Personnel Training

We have developed a comprehensive training program covering all facets of our duties; written and videotape programs as well as hands-on training are the rule, not the exception.

8. Personnel Management

We manage all personnel duties, selection, training, and records, and coordinate all absentees and leaves. Payroll processing and Benefit administration duties are also managed by our firm.

9. Experienced Management

Our staff of management and supervisors combines experience with dedication and hard work to accomplish unheard of levels of customer satisfaction.

10. Industry Leading Expertise

The only janitorial company in the state of Missouri to have a CIMS-GB I.C.E Certified staff member that has the ability to help you and your facility become CIMS Certifed.

10.5 Bottom Line.. We Make You Money

It is a fact that clean and well maintained buildings create value in many ways, including increased tenant satisfaction and increased occupancy levels both of which can increase lease income. The level of service we provide will add dollars to your bottom line.

Services provided may differ by customer requirements and contract. At Spotless Building Services our goal is to be completely flexible to the customer and the building's needs. This being the case, we can customize any and all services to meet your specific requirements. Custom services are always available upon request.

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